We’re a group of individuals, obsessed with the rich and wonderful food culture of Mexico.

Based here in beautiful Clonmel in Ireland, we’re producing all natural, authentic, naturally gluten free and all round awesome corn tortillas and tortilla chips. To do this we work with great, passionate and sustainability-focused farmers growing non-GM corn.

Blanco Niño

Philip Martin was born and raised on an organic farm in north county Dublin. Having opened the very successful and award winning Mexican street food restaurant Little Ass Burrito Bar in 2012, he has ever since been working towards bringing the Blanco Niño #TortillaRevolution to the masses.

Blanco Niño

What really inspires the Blanco Niño team is that this isn't just a business, product, place or thing. Blanco Niño is a way of thinking and a way of doing business that has the ambition and ability to improve the lives of a great many people.

Our Products

Photo: Eoin Holland - www.eoinholland.com

Our champion tortillas are the essential flavour filled companion to any true Mexican meal, whether it be tacos, enchiladas or holy mole quesadillas.


Whether you scoop them, dunk them or munch them, our mouth watering nacho tortilla chips are the essential fiesta snack.

  • ” I never realised what a true tortilla was meant to be. I used to view it as a tool for holding together the ingredients inside but not anymore. Blanco Niño tortillas have so much flavour it becomes a huge addition to the fillings. I had one taste of Blanco Niño and immediately created a dish that features them for our menu. The customers love them.” – Adam McMenamin – Owner/Coffee Director

    250 Square Coffee – Rathmines
  • “..people mention they remind them of the tortillas from Mexico, every day I hear that kind of comment …we like that they’re made of natural ingredients, non GMO and gluten free… I think you make really good top quality products..” Thomas – Owner

    El Grito Mexican Kitchen