Getting a Cool Mist Humidifier Brings an Oasis Atmosphere to Your Home

multiple tabletop humidifier reviews

"There's no place like home."

This saying had to come from somewhere right?

I used to live in Dubai, and nosebleeds and dry skin came ever so often. In fact, it was a regular occurrence, and none of the locals seemed to mind at all. Being a foreigner in that country however, I thought otherwise. I left my parched home, and walked under the heat of the sun, getting chaffed and dehydrated until I made it to the office, and when I got there, lo and behold, even more dry air.

I wanted to be able to return to an abode with fresh and moist air, so that I could at least be revitalized, but alas, there was no oasis to be found in my little dessert. There was air conditioning, there was plenty of water, and there was wind, but what was I lacking? The answer is simple, "moisture". I had to find a solution, and during one of my escapades, I came across the answer to all my problems. There, beautifully sitting atop a table was a mist of moisture and comfort.

The moist air, gently wafting through my skin and making its way to my nose, was the solution. I immediately bought a humidifier and as soon as I got home, set it up. I can easily say, it changed my life.

What changes did the humidifier make?

  • -It reduced the dryness in my nose, and I said goodbye to nosebleeds forever.
  • -It moistened my skin naturally, and I never had to use moisturizer in my home again.
  • -It preserved my furniture, since I noticed that the radiance they once had, was slowly returning. -It made the room smell fresher due to the mist making it's way to all four corners.
  • -My wounds, due to the moisture, healed faster than before.
  • -Lastly, it finally made me feel at ease, whether I was sleeping or awake.

I used it for a couple of months and aside from the changes that I've mentioned before, I realized that I got sick less often. Searching the net, I came across information, that using humidifiers reduced the risk of getting airborne viruses that caused flu infections. Later on, I realized that too much moisture wasn't always a good thing. I started noticing small patches of mold growing and I didn't like where this was going.

I got rid of my furry little intruders and searched around for an alternative, and then I was informed that there were different types of humidifiers. The one I got was an evaporator, which blew moisture from a moistened strainer. What I needed was a steam vaporizer. These were a little bit more affordable, and I was all for it! Steam vaporizers blow evaporated water after steaming it, and so they're not very child-friendly, but that wasn't a problem since I lived with adults anyway.

Steam vaporizers eliminated my mold problems since they didn't blow out that much moisture and at the same time, the condensed air was sterilized from the boiling water.

All in all, I had a wonderful experience with humidifiers, and it turned my home into my own personal oasis. Thanks to this website, I have chose the best humidifier! could finally say, that there was no place like home!

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