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In autumn 2013 Blanco Nino was little more than an idea.

An idea that led our founder on a trip to Mexico to research corn tortillas and all that goes into making them the foundational element of Mexican cuisine. A trip that emboldened the launch of what was Ireland’s most successful ever crowd funding campaign. A crowdfunding campaign that enabled the bringing together of a great team and the finding of a home in Clonmel, where they launched the Blanco Nino Tortilleria little over a year ago now. A Tortilleria that now has sells their tortillas right across Europe with over 10 distribution partners and growing.

At Blanco Nino we have big plans for the future and the support and advice from our growing number of backers is crucial to the realisation of those plans. Over one hundred people have already back Blanco Nino, if you are interested in learning more about joining them in investing and backing Blanco Nino please complete the adjacent form.

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