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Baked Cooleeney with Galtee Ancho Honey

What’s cooking for Christmas? If you want something utterly delectable you must try this new recipe from Carlos, which uses two local ingredients produced in Tipperary, the place we’re proud to call home. 

This baked cheese recipe calls for a very special cheese variety – Baking Cooleeney – by the folks at Cooleeney Farm. Located in the heart of Tipperary’s prime dairy country, their farm enjoys “peaty soil, a perfect climate and clover rich grass” a diet which helps their fabulous herd of pedigree Fiesian cows to produce milk for their widely celebrated cheeses. They’re also an Origin Green company like ourselves, so they’re dedicated to being a sustainable business and minimising their environmental impact. 

For this recipe Carlos also uses Galtee Honey. Galtee Honey Farm was established by Micheál Mac Giolla Coda in 1970. He grew up with beekeeping and was inspired to continue the family tradition – and try to breed and save the Native Black Honey Bee of Ireland from the threat of extinction. The skills and knowledge he acquired over the years have been handed down to his six children, including his daughter Aoife who officially took over Galtee Honey Farm in 2013. We thoroughly recommend visiting their website to find out more about their amazing family business. 

Without further ado, here’s the recipe. Carlos shows you how to make this delicious dippy dish in the video below. We hope you enjoy it! 


This recipe makes about 175g of ancho chilli honey, which is good for a 200g Baking Cooleeney. In fact it’s enough for two wheels.

For the baked Cooleeney

For the Galtee ancho chilli honey

To serve


For the baked Cooleeney:

For the Galtee ancho chilli honey:

To serve:

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