Best Use of Social Media in Tipperary | Blanco Niño

Best Use of Social Media in Tipperary

At the recent County Tipperary Awards, we won theBest Use of Social Media in Business category


This award is for a business that integrates marketing and social media as part of their approach to customer service and business development.

Marketing and Social Media has been a key growth area in the last 12 months for Blanco Niño. With the decision to move from solely foodservice B2B to retail and thus B2C, it was decided to recruit an experienced Head of Marketing.

The marketing efforts have supported lead generation and supplier and restaurant relationships. Customer-centric marketing has also been crucial for Blanco Niño in preparing for the tortilla chip launch from branding to a new website and the support of a crowdfunding campaign.

The team are thrilled to have received this accolade as a recognition of work behind the scenes.