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Blanco Niño Tortilla Chips Awarded Gold 

Blanco Niño’s ‘intriguing’ Blue Tortilla Chips won gold for the Savoury Snacking category at the prestigious Free From Food Awards.

The deep blue tortilla chips with amaranth impressed the judges, a  product which “stood out from all other entries”. 

The panel commented: “An intriguing & unique visual – great deep purple colour. Thin with a great crisp, very tasty and not overly salty – a perfect accompaniment to any snacking occasion. These deliver a nicely roasted corn flavour and amaranth bursting on the palate.” We’re thrilled with this feedback from the blind taste test.

Our Founder and CEO Phil said: “It’s a huge honour for Blanco Niño as a young challenger brand to win the only Gold award for Savoury Snacking at this year’s Free From Food Awards. Particularly as we are new to the market in the UK. Our aim is to premiumise the tortilla chip category, by bringing a unique proposition to consumers. Free From has an abundance of premium products which do not compromise on taste or quality, so it’s fantastic to be part of that movement. I would like to thank our incredible customers, partners and team for their ongoing support.” 

Blanco Niño tortilla chips include three flavours: Lightly Salted, Chilli & Lime and Ancient Grain. While tortilla chips may be considered a fast and convenient snack, we’re embracing a slower approach to achieve the most authentic corn tortilla chip. Every batch takes three days to make – using an ancient Aztec process known as nixtamalization, and grinding corn using beautifully hand-carved volcanic stones from Mexico. 

We source amaranth from heritage farmers in Milpa Alta (meaning ‘high corn field’) which overlooks Lake Texcoco. This basin is home to the ancient Aztec capital city of Tenochtitlan, known today as Mexico City.

While many brands opt to use corn flour, our use of non-GMO whole corn from sustainable sources produces a superior taste and texture. Blanco Niño tortilla chips are naturally gluten free, vegan friendly, contain no preservatives or additives and are Kosher certified by KLBD Kosher.

Blanco Niño tortilla chips are available in SuperValu, Dunnes Stores and many more stockists across Ireland, the UK and Sweden.