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Blanco Niño X Leamhain Launch Limited Edition Vegan Ice Creams

We’re teaming up to create an exclusive, limited run of premium vegan ice cream flavours. 

For a while now, we’ve been dreaming of how we can use Blanco Niño Tortilla Chips in creative ways. Who better to transform our range into mouth watering new flavours than vegan ice cream supremo Leamhain?

Cool Idea

The first flavour is Toasted Blanco Niño Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips, Blueberry Jam Swirl, Sea Salt Tortilla Brittle Caramel And Blondie Crumble.

Blanco Niño Lightly Salted, Chilli & Lime and Blue Corn are the inspiration behind three special edition flavours. Each flavour will be limited to 25 litres and available exclusively from Leamhain’s Scoop Shop in Dublin’s St Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre. So ice-cream aficionados need to get their skates on if they would like to try them out!

What’s the Scoop?

Leamhain founder Conor told us a little more about their fascinating production process: “We make our premium ice cream base from scratch which takes a good long time to achieve that creamy dense texture. On the first day we toasted Blanco Niño’s Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips and we steeped it in our base for 50 hours. This allows us to extract all the flavour from the tortilla chips. The next day we churned the ice cream with the tortilla chips. On the same day we made the tortilla chip brittle caramel and blueberry jam. All in all it took five-days.” 

“Corn and blueberry is a very in-season flavour and they work really well together. Traditionally you would have roasted corn with a blueberry purée. We have a caramel swirl running through this flavour with tortilla chip brittle –  the caramel brings sweetness and saltiness but you still have the texture of the tortilla chip. We didn’t want to lose the essence of the tortilla chip” he added. 

Meadhbh, our Brand Communications Lead said: “I’m excited about this collaboration between Leamhain and Blanco Niño. These two Irish brands have a lot in common. Like our lengthy production process. Our mutual obsession over detail and quality ingredients results in their ice cream and our corn tortilla chips leaving a lasting impression. Conor and the team have a fabulous instinct for flavour combinations. I’m sure these limited edition flavours will delight ice cream fans.” 

One scoop costs €4.50 and two scoops cost €5.90. Available for a limited time only from Leamhain Scoop Shop, Saint Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre Floor 1 food court, Dublin. 

Additional flavours will be revealed on Leamhain’s Instagram in the coming weeks.