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Celebrating Irish Food on St Patrick’s Day

We feel so lucky to call Clonmel, Tipperary, our home. It’s where the heart of our operation is: our tortilleria, where we produce some of the world’s most authentic-tasting tortillas and tortilla chips. St Patrick’s Day, our national holiday, prompted us to reflect on what being here means to us.

As a country, Ireland really punches above its weight when it comes to culture in its many forms. A land full of contradictions and creativity, it’s no surprise that Ireland has a booming craft food producer scene with an incredible level of local specificity, as Russ Parsons observes. We’re so grateful for all the support the business has had to date – from investors, loyal customers and organisations like the Tipperary Food Producers Network 

You may have spotted that we’ve teamed up with these guys for a special giveaway; Harry’s Nutbutter based in Dublin’s fair city, and Savage Sauces based in Cork. Head over to our Instagram to be in with a chance of winning these unreal goodies.

To mark St Patrick’s Day, we asked these brands what being Irish means to them…

Harry Colley of Harry’s Nutbutter said: “The people in Ireland have such a curious palate. It’s so great how open we are to new foods and how our collective diet is so varied. You forget that that’s not really that common until you go off exploring yourself and realise how localised other food cultures can be. Sure I make spicy sweet paprika peanut butter and that sounds mad but it’s a hit here, so I can’t complain.” 

Sean Cotter of Savage Sauces said: “It’s an exciting time to be part of the Irish food scene. For generations we generally ate the same things – meat and two veg. Now we are seeing many of my generation – I’m an ancient millennial – coming back from abroad with a greater appetite for new cuisines, bolder flavours and a greater interest in health and wellness. It’s fantastic to see chefs, producers, farmers and hospitality taking risks to diversify the breadth of food experiences available to us. I hope to see the bigger players in the market – big retail and hospitality groups – continue to support and promote locally produced goods.”

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