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Chilli & Lime – The Flavours of Mexico In One Mouthful

As a Mexican food obsessed team, we always knew Chilli & Lime was going to be our next flavour of tortilla chips. It has been a long time coming, so we are over the moon that they’re finally available. 

chilli and lime blanco_nino_tortilla_chips_chilli_lime

Our Chilli & Lime tortilla chips feature the smokey, dried fruit flavour of Ancho chilli, complemented with the sharp citrus flavour of lime juice. We source our chillies from farmers in Puebla, which is the home of some of Mexico’s richest culinary heritage and the most incredible Ancho chillies. Fresh, these chillies are called Poblanos but when sun dried they transform and intensify in flavour and take the name of Ancho. We are lucky to be able to work with farmers who pride themselves on maintaining the traditional sun drying practices and varieties of this very special chilli. The farmers and their families have been producing Ancho chillies for generations. These are people who have a love for their craft, as we do for ours, and we feel it shows in every bag of our tortilla chips.

Interesting facts about Ancho chillies

As you may know, the history of Mexican food is long and diverse, and the chilli pepper is a huge part of that. The Ancho chilli holds a place of prominence in Mexican cuisine as one of the three chillies within “ The Holy Trinity”, which is made up of the Ancho, Mulato and Pasilla chilli peppers. The Holy Trinity in cooking symbolises the three most commonly used ingredients in a nation’s cuisine. The Ancho sits proudly in Mexico’s Holy Trinity, depicting its importance and giving us the perfect chilli to use in our new Chilli & Lime tortilla chips.

We really hope you enjoy our tortilla chips. We have put so much love and thought into them.