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Día de Muertos Guacamole

To mark Día de Muertos, Carlos created a special guacamole for a dear friend who passed away earlier this year.

It’s a tradition to create an altar for loved ones who have passed away: made of the things they enjoyed in life, like food. The festivities are all about remembrance, joy and closeness, rather than sadness.

This guacamole is incredibly flavourful: the colourful chillies kick, you get acidity from the lemons and limes, and the juicy pomegranate seeds explode with each mouthful.


This recipe makes about 750g of guacamole or a 20cm diameter sharing bowl.


This guacamole is best enjoyed with a generous helping of our tortilla chips which you can pick up at your nearest store (check out our map). We’re stocked in Ireland, UK and Sweden at the moment.

If you’re in the UK, you can pick them up at Ocado online. In Ireland, you can order online and we can send direct from our tortilleria in Clonmel to your door!


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