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Introducing Our New Flavour: Smoky Chiptole

We’ve been working away behind the scenes to create our most morish flavour to date. Smoky, warm heat and a tiny bit sweet this is hands down our team’s favourite flavour. 

The inspiration behind the flavour

San Miguel, just north of Mexico City is a town bursting with vibrant culture. Its buildings, ruby red and mustard yellow in colour, its streets paved with cobblestones, abuzz with the chitter chatter of vendors and their patrons. It’s here to this beautiful cityscape that our mind travels whenever we reminisce of one of our favourite chilli, the Chipotle. When fresh from the field it carries the name, Jalapeño, but when smoked and dried, it becomes a Chipotle; the key ingredient in the famous adobo sauce. Smoky and a little sweet, with a friendly kick of heat, this sauce is the inspiration for these chips and emblematic of wonderful San Miguel. 

“We’re really excited and delighted to finally see our Smoky Chipotle flavour become a reality. It’s a flavour we’ve had in the glint of our eye for a while now, and a taste experience very reminiscent of our meanderings in Mexico. We do hope our loyal customers like it as much as we do.” Philip Martin, Founder.

Where to find Smoky Chipotle tortilla chips

We’ve opened our online store for pre-orders. We hope to be dispatched these within 2 weeks. They’ll be landing into our lovely stockists in April and May.