Katie's Baba ganoush | Blanco Niño

Katie’s Baba ganoush

The wonderful Katie, founder of White Mausu, has created a pretty delicious smokey Baba ghanoush recipe. This dip just so happens to work perfectly with our Sea Salt tortilla chips.

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4 Aubergines 

3 Onions sliced 

2 Cloves of garlic roughly chopped 

3-4 Tbsp tahini (we’d recommend Sead)

2-3 Tbsp lemon juice 

Blanco Niño Tortilla Chips


1) Blacken the aubergines on the hob, turning until evenly charred on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside. Chop up the aubergine roughly, leaving the skin on. 

2) Cook up the onions and garlic in copious amounts of olive oil on a low heat until they’re soft and naturally sweet with some browning. Keep some aside for the garnish. 

3) In a blender, whizz the aubergine, onion mix, tahini and lemon juice with some salt and pepper until desired consistency. Taste and check if the seasoning suits your tastes.

4) Spread your dip out on a plate. Top with onions, a decent glug of olive oil and some lemon zest.

5) Dunk in your chips and enjoy!