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Mexican Fattoush Salad

Fattoush salad is a Levantine Cuisine classic, which is made with toasted pieces of flat bread. Levantine cuisine is the traditional cuisine of the Levant, known in Arabic as the Bilad al-Sham, which covers a large area of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Waste not want not

Just because food may be past its best by date, doesn’t mean it can’t be used in a creative and delicious way. There are a good few dishes which use stale bread out there including Italian favourite, panzanella salad.

Our Culinary Manager, Carlos, got thinking about how you might use the bits of tortilla chips at the bottom of the bag that are not big enough for dipping, but still delicious.

A flexible recipe

Don’t go out of your way to find the same ingredients, use what you have in your fridge. As long as they are fresh and you like them, the salad will turn out great. As a guide, it’s good to have some leaves, some harder veg that will add texture, a few herbs to add aroma, and some stronger ingredients like olives, anchovies or pomegranate seeds to add little pockets of flavour.

This salad can pair up with anything else you want to eat it with. The recipe and method are below, and if you fancy a step-by-step guide, scroll down and you can see our Culinary Manager, Carlos, talk you through how to make this awesome salad. Enjoy!


This recipe yields about four salad portions

For the salad mix:

For the toppings:

• Some more mint and coriander leaves.

• 4 tablespoons of crumbles aged feta cheese.

• The leftover bits of tortilla chips at the bottom of the bag.

For the vinaigrette:


For the salad:

For the vinaigrette:

To serve:

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