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Mexican Prawn Cocktail

Mexican Prawn Cocktail is a summer, or on the beach classic in Mexico. Every seafood restaurant in the country has this dish. It’s also popular to see oyster cocktail, octopus or seafood cocktail, but the classic and most popular one is the prawn cocktail.  It’s eaten from a glass, either a high or low glass, with a spoon and with tortilla chips, tostadas or crackers. This recipe is so multi-layered in flavour and in texture; with heat, the tang of citrus, the crunch from our tortilla chips and plenty of aromatics. 

Variety is the spice of life

Recipes for Mexican Prawn Cocktail vary from person to person, but the idea is to have a cold broth, like a gazpacho, using some of the poaching liquid used to cook prawns (with onion, garlic, herbs, orange and lime peel), orange juice, ketchup, lime juice and hot sauce. 

It’s made by making a mix of this cold broth with pico de gallo (check out our recipe for that here), deliciously plump poached prawns and lots of avocado on top. It’s served with tortilla chips on the side and a few lime wedges. People often add more chill sauce or even chopped chilli. 



This recipe makes about four starter portions.



To serve:

In a glass, scoop some of the pico de gallo, then some of the prawns, add the cold broth and finish with some avocado and a dash of extra virgin olive oil

Serve with lime wedges, coriander and tortilla chips

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