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Mexican + Spanish Migas Breakfast recipe

This is breakfast with a difference. Not only does it bring together inspiration from both Spain and Mexico, but it also gives you an excuse to have our tortilla chips for breakfast… as well as lunch and dinner. 



Ingredients for two

– Blanco Niño Sea Salt tortilla chips

– 2 spring onions

– 2 fresh tomatoes 

– 4 eggs

– 200g morcilla

– 200g uncooked chorizo

– Hot salsa (optional but recommended…)



1. Heat the pan to a medium heat.

2. Slice the tomatoes, chorizo and morcilla into chunks.

3. Cook the morcilla and chorizo in the pan.

4. When they’re cooked through, spoon onto kitchen paper to soak up any excess oil.

5. Crack the eggs into the pan, and quickly scramble with a wooden spoon.

6. When almost cooked, add the spring onion.

7. Spoon the eggs onto plates, top with Blanco Niño tortilla chips, morcilla, chorizo, fresh tomato wedges and hot sauce.

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