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Michelada Cocktail

As the days get longer and weather gets warmer, why not treat yourself to a refreshing michelada cocktail?

This cocktail can be found in Mexico and has many variations. No one can agree on the origins of the name. Some Mexicans attribute it to the phrase ‘mi chela helada’ which means ‘my ice-cold beer’. Other folks believe it’s a reference to Michel Ésper, the man who apparently invented the beer-based cocktail in San Luis Potosí, a region in north-central Mexico.

If you’re curious to learn more about that story, check out this fascinating blog It’s Time to Rethink Micheladas, a Complex Mexican Icon by Tim McKirdy for Vine Pair.

Ice cold beer, chilli-salt rim, fresh zingy lime and hot sauce. What’s not to like? Scroll down for the ingredients and method. Salud!

michelada cocktail
michelada cocktail


Chilli / salt rim 

• 2 tsp of granulated sea salt

• 1 tsp of powdered chile chiquin or any powdered chilli


• Ice cubes

• 1 dash of hot sauce. Carlos used the Classic Habanero sauce by Skånsk Chili

• 6mls (¼ oz) of Worcestershire sauce

• 60mls (2 oz) of tomato juice

• The juice of one lime and lime wedge for garnish

• 330mls of cold Mexican beer.


For the chili piquin rim:

• Mix well and spread it on a plate.

For the michelada:

• Put the glass in the freezer for at least 30 minutes

• Add the ice to the glass and pour the hot sauce, Worcester sauce, tomato juice and lime juice

• Mix well and finish with the cold beer. Mix and serve with a lime wedge 

Serve with a generous bowl of your favourite Blanco Niño tortilla chips

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