Our tortilla chip family grows... | Blanco Niño

Our tortilla chip family grows…

Since launching our Lightly Salted tortilla chips in 2020, the feedback we’ve received has been so incredible.

We’ve found it hard containing our excitement about launching our two new additions of tortilla chips. We are delighted to announce that Ancient Grain and Chilli & Lime will be joining the Blanco Niño tortilla chips family. 

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Ancient Grain

Amaranth and blue corn are ancient grains that are wonderfully tasty and nutritious. They were once staples of the Aztec diet, now married together in our tortilla chips. These earthy and slightly sweet tasting grains are our newest additions, packed with nutrition and history. We source our amaranth from Jorge and his family who are dedicated to traditional practices. Their farm is in Milpa Alta overlooking Lake Texcoco, just outside of Mexico City. This basin is home of the ancient Aztec capital city of Tenochtitlan, known today as Mexico City. 

Chilli & Lime

As flavours of Mexico go, it doesn’t get more synonymous than chilli and lime. Our new Chilli and Lime tortilla chips have a deep, smokey, dried fruit flavour – mouth-wateringly delicious. The Ancho chillies we source are from San Martín Texmelucan in Puebla. They begin as poblanos but are then naturally sun-dried, a process that turns them into the infamous Ancho chilli. The farmers we source our chillies from have been producing Ancho chillies for generations. It is important for us as a company to work with farmers and producers that are not only producing great ingredients but that are also maintaining and celebrating traditional practices.

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