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Perfect Pico de Gallo

Make the most of eating outdoors this summer with this delicious alfresco recipe, Pico de Gallo, which is perfectly enjoyed with a bag of your favourite Blanco Niño tortilla chips. If you’d like a step-by-step video from our wonderful Culinary Manager, Carlos, simply scroll down… 

Pico de Gallo is without a doubt one of the best known Mexican salsas out there. The three main ingredients – onion, green chilli and tomatoes – represent the Mexican flag. 

Make it your own

You can mix this recipe up a little to suit your tastes. You might like to use different tomatoes – there are so many pretty varieties and colours out there now. Not everyone likes coriander so feel free to use basil. Carlos’s recipe uses the juice and zest from two types of citrus to add complexity to the acidity.



This recipe makes about 600g of salsa. 

• 500g of mixed tomatoes – we recommend cherry tomatoes as they’re a touch sweet and packed with flavour.

• ¼ of a red onion. 

• 1 fresh jalapeño chill

• ½ Lemon

• ½ Lime

• A couple of sprigs of fresh purple basil, coriander or both.

• A pinch of sea salt.

• A bag of your favourite Blanco Niño tortilla chips.


1. First up, cut and dice all your ingredients…

2. Depending on the size of the tomatoes, cut in half or slice to about 1cm cubes

3. Dice the onion

4. Finely slice jalapeño chilli

5. Zest a quarter of the lemon before juicing half of it. Do the same with the lime.

6. In a bowl, mix all of the ingredients and taste for seasoning. If you feel like it, add some more citrus juice, salt or, to make it hotter, add more jalapeño. 

7. Serve with a bowl of tortilla chips and enjoy

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