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Blanco Niño Tortilla Chips are made and taste
as originally intended.

These are among the most authentic you can find outside of Mexico (so we’re told). We’re the first tortilla chip brand in the UK & Ireland to switch to fully recyclable packaging, which we’re delighted about.

We select the very best, non-GMO corn from verifiable sustainable sources. Blanco Niño Tortilla Chips are naturally gluten-free, vegan friendly and contain no artificial preservatives. More importantly though, they taste amazing. 

There are four flavours in the range: Lightly Salted, Chilli & Lime, Smoky Chipotle and Blue Corn

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We make our tortillas and tortilla chips in the same way the Aztecs have been doing it for thousands of years.

Using an ancient method known as nixtamalisation. Whole corn is cooked then steeped overnight, before being ground into a dough (masa) using hand-carved, Mexican volcanic stones. This masa is shaped and baked into tortillas. We then leave the tortillas to rest overnight, before being hand-cut and lightly fried into our tortilla chips.

It takes three days from start to finish, but we think the result is worth the wait.



We are really proud to work with some amazing people and heritage producers in Mexico. We love collaborating with the people and initiatives that we believe in, and we think this shows in our tortillas and tortilla chips.

We’ve partnered with a social enterprise called Traspatio Maya in Celestún, Yucatán, whose mission is to promote traditional and sustainable salt harvesting practices for our Lightly Salted flavour. Our Blue Corn variety features Amaranth sourced from farmers in Milpa Alta. Our Chilli & Lime flavour features Ancho Chilli from a heritage farmer in Puebla.


Blanco Niño have sold over 100 million tortillas to top restaurants and chefs across Europe.

We create our tortillas using an authentic production process, which gives them an unmatched flavour, aroma and texture. Our commitment to this process gives you the most premium product to impress your customers.  You can find our soft corn tortillas in some of the finest Mexican food establishments across Europe. 

If you would like to try our corn tortillas,  get in touch with our team.