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Slow Cooked Beef Chilaquiles

Chilaquiles are a great example of Mexican creativity. Carlos’s recipe for slow cooked beef chilaquiles shows you how to turn old tortillas into something really special, using just a few extra ingredients. 

This recipe takes the popular Mexican chilaquiles (authentic nachos) dish and turns it up a notch.  Chilaquiles are served any time of day all over Mexico, from homes to mercados. 

One of the key ingredients of the chilaquiles is our tortilla chips. We make authentic tortillas and tortilla chips using an ancient method to produce a product that tastes as authentic as possible. 

Corn tortilla chips are topped with a beautiful slow cooked beef chuck with warming spices and a killer blend of dried chillies, to make a rich and comforting sauce. It’s then finished off with some fresh cheese, sour cream and herbs of your choice. 

This, in our humble opinion, is the perfect autumnal comfort food. 


This recipe yields about five portions

For the short rib sauce:

For the rest of the chilaquiles:


For the pulled meat sauce:

To serve

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