The story behind our Celestún Salt | Blanco Niño

The story behind our Celestún Salt

Since Blanco Niños inception, it has always been our aim to do things the right way. So when we decided that it was time to create tortilla chips, we knew that finding the best ingredients was a priority.


Celestún, Mexico

The Yucatan is a region of Mexico which separates the Caribbean Sea from the Gulf of Mexico. It’s home to tropical jungles, coral reefs and ancient ruins. The nearby fishing village of Celestún, sees as many as 35,000 flamingos congregate in the winter months. These wetlands also happen to be home to salt flats…


Mayan History and salt

The Yucatán Peninsula is home to North America’s largest indigenous population, the Mayans. In the Mayan period, the salt produced by the was not only used for everyday consumption but also food preservation, preparation of textile dyes, as well as an offering to the gods due to the high content of minerals which gives it healing qualities.


Working with a social enterprise

We’ve partnered with a local social enterprise in the Yucatan whose purpose it is to maintain and promote traditional salt harvesting techniques. The non-profit organization that helps to support ancient Mayan communities by maintaining the indigenous ingredients of the region which are an integral part of their culture. They’re also just a really lovely bunch of people. We’re so happy to be using their salt in our chips.