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Veganuary – Eat the Rainbow

Happy Veganuary. We’re pretty confident that most meals are better when you just add corn tortilla chips…

Considered food production

We’re proud to make products that are naturally gluten free and vegan friendly. It’s fair to say that everyone is more mindful of what they eat, where food comes from and how it’s made. We all have a part to play in minimising our impact on the environment including on animals and using animal-derived products. 

To celebrate Veganuary we’ve compiled a few vegan recipes by some of our recipe creator pals. 

Eat the Rainbow

Fafelle in Stockholm created this vegan Tulum Bowl featuring our Ancient Grain corn tortilla chips, jalapeno mayo, mango salsa and striking pickled onions. A real feast for the eyes. These guys really know how to innovate with fresh ingredients. 

tulum bowl

Pack in the protein

Dublin-based Aoife and Ben AKA ‘Send Fude’ documented their food obsession “to eat their way through lockdown” –  and we have to say, their grid looks extremely yummy. This protein-packed Three Bean & Sweetcorn Salad comes from Speedy MOB by MOB Kitchen, one of our team’s favourites.


Calling all fellow chilli chasers! This recipe will apparently “put a firework in your belly” says Irish recipe developer and photographer, Vinny’s Food. He rustled up this Black Bean Chilli which goes wonderfully with our Lightly Salted chips. This one isn’t strictly vegan but you can easily substitute the cheeses for a vegan alternative like Violife. 

Jack(fruit) it up

Finally we’re mad about this recipe by Nourishing Amy: Chipotle Jackfruit Bowls With Charred Peppers And Corn which is vegan and gluten free. This is packed with nutritious vegetables and wholegrains- you can adapt to suit your taste: will you dial up the chilli or change the grains or vegetables?

That concludes our little selection to tickle your tastebuds. Don’t forget that we have a few scrummy vegan friendly recipes developed by Carlos Macías – our NPD & Culinary Manager. 

Stay curious and try out some new recipes. Happy Veganuary! 

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