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Walnut Dip

When’s the last time you ate a walnut? Of all the nuts out there, and there are many, we thought it was about time to give the humble walnut its very own recipe with tomatoes and chillies playing a supporting role. According to the clever folks at Harvard, walnuts are extra awesome because they are high in omega-3 fatty acids, essential for maintaining good health down to a cellular level. Read on to try this yummy dip, a perfect accompaniment to our chips.


This recipe makes about 750g of dip, or enough for a large bowl or serving dish

For the walnut dip

For the chilli gremolata.

To make around 57g


For the walnut dip

For the chilli gremolata:


Without further ado, check out Carlos’s video below which takes you through the recipe step by step. Enjoy!

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