Lime and Coriander Tzatziki Dip | Blanco Niño

Lime and Coriander Tzatziki Dip

We have put a Mexican twist on a Greek favourite and it is one of our most delicious summer recipes to date. 

We can’t stop making this refreshing Lime and Coriander Tzatziki dip and the best thing about it, is the variety of use, it compliments so many dishes. To char fresh chillies is a very Mexican thing and here it just elevates the dip and adds more depth to the recipe.

This dip pairs perfectly with all of our tortilla chips but especially Smoky Chipotle – enjoy!

Ingredients for a big sharing bowl of delicious Tzatziki:

The method:

  1. – Shred the cucumber with skin on into a bowl. Add the salt, mix well and pour the cucumber into a strainer. Let it sit there for 10mins. The salt will help draw out moisture from the cucumber, which in turn will make for a creamier dip
  2. – While that’s happening, heat up a pan and roast the garlic and chillies until they are blistered all over. Let them rest to cool down.
  3. – Peel the garlic and mash it with the knife into a puree. Chop the chillies. If you don’t want too much heat – remove the seeds.
  4. – Slice the coriander thinly 
  5. – Press the cucumber to get rid of the moisture, pour into a bowl and add the garlic, chilli, coriander, lime juice and zest, olive oil and yogurt. Mix well. 
  6. – Taste and check for seasoning. Since the cucumber will be seasoned from the salt in the first step, you may not need anymore here. 
  7. – Enjoy!

To serve:

Pour into a serving bowl and add delicious Blanco Niño Smoky Chipotle tortilla chips!